Fire Fit

Fire fit is a competition that is comprised of of 6 common fire ground tasks. ( Brief overview of the competition for full competition standards and rules please visit scott fire fit )

Task 1: Stair Climb
The first event is the stair climb with High Rise Pack. The High Rise Pack is a 4 foot bundle of 4 inch hose weighing 42 pounds. This is carried on the outside shoulder when moving up the stairs and must be placed in or on the box on the top floor of the tower (40 ft., 6 flights, 60 steps). 

Task 2: Hose Hoist
A 45 lb Doughnut Roll of hose and rope are used. The Doughnut Roll must be hauled up to the top of the tower by means of the rope, lifted and placed in the box on the top of the tower. 

Task 3: Forcible Entry
The Forcible entry task, using a 9 lb. mallet provided the competitor moves the beam completely past the decal. 

Task 4: Run
Competitors then walk or run as fast as they can around the hydrants a distance of 140 ft then shoulders the nozzle end of a 1 1/2" fully charged hoseline.

Task 5: Hose Advance
Shoulder a 1 1/2"  fully charged hoseline and drag it 75 feet. Once the nozzle crosses the 75 foot mark, the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the designated target with the stream of water, shuts the nozzle and places it on the ground.

Task 6: Victim Rescue
A 165 lb. Rescue Randy mannequin must be dragged backwards a distance of 100 ft. Time stops when the competitor and mannequin cross the beam at the finish line with the mannequins feet completely crossing the blue line.

Fire Fit is a very demanding event that requires strenuous training and preparations to compete, larger centers employ full time firefighters to train all year to compete.  The SPFD has in the past competed and will continue to do so into the future.  Aswell we will be hosting Fire Fit in 2020, for any who are interested to see the event live, all such events are televised on TSN.

There are 3 Events to participate in depending upon your level of fitness and commitment!

1. FireFit Relay (3 - 5 person relay)

2. FireFit X3 (2 person technical relay)

3. FireFit Individual / Team (Team made of of 3 - 5 team members)



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